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payeezy_v3.2.js createToken function is script link cached in browser?

I have a question about the payeezy_v3.2.js createToken function. The code in question I listed below. How I understand 'var a' a secure link is being created to return a tokenized version of the credit card number. It is the same as the "Get Tokenize Credit Cards Method found under the Create Tokens Section on the Docs & Sandbox page. I understand that when the script is called, since it is using ssl the querystring portion is sent encrypted. However I am wondering if this link in the way it is being constructed is being cached by the browse in plain text in anyway? Since the link as the original credit card number in the querystring section.

var a = "https://" + n + "/v1/securitytokens?apikey=" + this.apikey + "&js_security_key=" + this.js_security_key + "&callback=Payeezy.callback&auth=" + this.auth + "&ta_token=" + this.ta_token + "&type=FDToken&credit_card.type=" + r["card_type"] + "&credit_card.cardholder_name=" + r["cardholder_name"] + "&credit_card.card_number=" + r["cc_number"] + "&credit_card.exp_date=" + r["exp_month"] + r["exp_year"] + "&credit_card.cvv=" + r["cvv_code"];
var f = document.createElement("script");
f.src = a;

Re: payeezy_v3.2.js createToken function is script link...

This is not cached in browser.

However, you want to make sure that nothing get's cached, then you can put something like ?2352352 at the end of your JS file. So something like

<script src='myfile.js?20457207'></script>


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