Payment.JS – an updated version of Payeezy.JS is now available as an integration option for merchants to use tokenization functionality and lower PCI requirement to SAQ-AEP.

In Payeezy.JS implementation, Java script file was residing on merchant server, whereas in Payment.JS solution, merchant server does not need to place JS file on their servers instead it calls the library which creates real time form during every call to capture sensitive payment card details, resulting in a better PCI complaint solution to use for tokenization.

Payment.JS provides a simple method for merchants to capture sensitive card details in a secure manner without the need for a redirection like in a Hosted Payment Page scenario. Payment Form will be displayed within the merchant’s website/Mobile app while entered data goes directly to First Data servers, i.e. does not touch the merchant’s servers in order to alleviate their PCI DSS compliance scope. Payment.JS provides better checkout experience and increase revenue for merchants due to improved payment flow without any redirection.

Documentation for Payment.JS is available on developer portal https://docs.paymentjs.firstdata.com/