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payments in sandbox

How can I see the payments I have sent in via my API in the sandbox?

Re: payments in sandbox

Hi Susan,

Currently we do not have this feature to review payments posted in SANDBOX / TEST region.

We have developed a feature similar to this called Reporting API. Using this API, you will have ability to pull transactions by merchant. This API will be available only in LIVE environment. 


We plan to release this shortly in Q2 of this year.


Best Regards,

Payeezy Team

Re: payments in sandbox

I tested Sandbox recurring transactions but it's failed after few transactions.
Please reply me how many transactions are available for sandbox testing.
And why its failed after few success.

Re: payments in sandbox

Hi Pratap,

Our team has been alerted about that recurring payments issue and we are looking into it. We hope to have an answer soon.


Payeezy Team