So last week was the Big Show ... literally that is how the National Retail Foundation (NRF) dubs their annual event held in NYC. In their recap, NRF announced that there were "33,000 attendees, numerous international delegations, hundreds of sessions and miles of EXPO."  No argument that this was a fantastic event for the many businesses looking for solutions that crossed a variety of areas ... in-store/POS, online/eCommerce, analytics, fraud & security, and a plethora of other areas intended to excite and wow the attendees.  

First Data was well represented across a variety of topics and solutions, not the least of which was Payeezy where we highlighted how our APIs can help grow eCommerce business through secure online and mobile payment solutions. We were also well represented from an industry insights perspective across a variety of security topics such as EMV, data protection and even network-tokenization with Apple Pay.

There were some really good converstations over the course of the three days, and here are a few key takeaways I walked away with:

Receptivity of Payeezy.js - across multiple conversations with merchants and partners alike, folks were genuinely excited about one of our newest features for maximizing flexibility with your payment pages while significantly reducing PCI exposure.  Check out the Jan 06 post for more details there!

Apple Pay (multiple merchants/single app) - throughout the show, and even beyond, there have been several conversations pertaining to the use of our APIs by a single mobile application that can effectively support multiple merchants.  Over the course of the next week or so, we will provide a seperate post with more detail on how to best accomplish this.

Omnichannel Experience - more and more we are getting interest from merchants and developers alike asking about Payeezy (online/eCommerce) & Clover (in-store/POS) from an omnichannel experience.  Makes sense.  Short of being able to offer an answer on that topic today, conversations are being had

Check back from time to time to see what progress is being made on any of these topics, and of course I encourage you to check out the excellent Clover blog as well.