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Recurring Payments Question

We need a recurring payment option they can paste onto their (customer) websites, I set a customer up with Payeezy they now want their customers to be able to set up recurring billing from their website and now we find out most of our competition has a "copy and paste" button to add to their payment page to get this done with no drama, and we don't. This is very frustrating that you have to hire someone to write code to get the feature set up on a customers website. Does the web developer need any security certification to write the code to make a recurring payment button and information collection page? Do I understand correctly from other posts that even if we have a recurring payment button and page built the account will then have to go in and direct the payment to be taken manually each period it won't be done automatically like one set up by my account on the payment page, its just that Payeezy has saved and tokenized the card info???