Wonderful article on Pymnts.com titled Inside Apple-Pay's In-App Performance. While the author begins with a less than positive view of the in-store experience with Apple Pay, and even highlights concerns about overall mobile penetration in mobile, the overriding positive theme from the article is that in-app is lowering friction with respect to payments, and is increasing consumer conversion!

The full article, as well as the Fortune article it references, are worth taking the time to read, but here are just a few of the benefits highlighted regarding in-app, including one from a merchant powered by our Payeezy APIs:

  • Apple Pay has already become the No. 1 payment method at staples.com, says Prat Vemana, who runs Staples’ e-commerce business. 
  • “It’s not only driving more purchases but activating our biggest spenders,” says Joe Einhorn, CEO of Fancy.
  • “Apple Pay reduces friction, increases conversions and allows our customers to spend more time shopping,” says Edward Aten, CEO of Merchbar.

The article concludes with “it’s not impossible Apple will still surprise here and find a new way to ignite in app and maybe even using in app and beacons as a way to reinvent the in-store experience”.  Rest assured that as the lines between online, in-app and in-store continue to blur, we are taking the necessary steps with our Payeezy APIs to ensure a single, seamless, easy way to access them all!  

And not just for Apple Pay either.  Check our most recent blog post where we expanded our SDKs beyond Apple Pay or iOS and introduced Android as an additional flavor of integration.