In a token-based transaction, the CVV number can be included as an optional field in the request payload.

Today, if the CVV number is included in the request payload, it is echoed back in the response by Payeezy API. This CVV number in the API response is redundant and will be removed from the API response. The highlighted below will be removed from the API Response:



  "merchant_ref": "Astonishing-Sale",
  "transaction_type": "authorize",
  "method": "token",
  "amount": "200",
  "currency_code": "USD",
  "token": {
    "token_type": "FDToken",
    "token_data": {
      "type": "visa",
      "value": "2537446225198291",
      "cardholder_name": "JohnSmith",
      "exp_date": "1030",

  "gateway_message":"Transaction Normal"


This change will be effective in our sandbox and production environments on October 5 2016.

Please note that the CVV2 field, which is also part of the API response, will remain unchanged.

Action Needed:
Merchants should contact their development team to assess if removal of “CVV” field from the API response will impact their existing integration with Payeezy API.

In most cases, we expect there to be no impact. Merchants who do find that this change will impact their existing integration must prepare by making adjustments to their code by October 5, 2016.