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Sandbox: Does not validate token when I make purchase.

I got below response when tried to create a token (https://api-cert.payeezy.com/v1/securitytokens?apikey=.......):


Now, I should use the "1075939682678291" value as the token when I make payments, right? I used the same value as token and it worked, also I tried to used different values like 9911991199119919, 25374462251982, etc., and it worked as well. I'm confused that Payeezy did not validate the tokens. Can you please let me know why Payeezy does not validate when make payment using invalid token? I'm planning to use Payeezy as my payment Gateway.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Sandbox: Does not validate token when I make purchase.

Sandbox does not perform strict validation of the token data in the payload other than it's structure; not so much the actual values. In PROD the Transarmor Token is specific to the credit card number that was tokenized and will not change unless it is a different credit card number that is tokenized.

Test unsuccessful transactions

First go to your ecommerce terminal and set the token to 'NOIW'. Then you can add an existing demo gateway merchant through the Payeezy Developer web portal. You'll select the merchants tab and then the ‘demo’ button. Select the ‘add a demo merchant’ option and on the next page select the option to add an existing merchant account. Complete the form with the appropriate values from the Payeezy Gateway demo terminal settings and once it's submitted, the demo merchant should be added generating the merchant token.

To set up a Payeezy Gateway demo account for testing: