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Save Billing Info

We are in the process of setting up an ecommerce website.

We need to allow our B2B customers to save their credit card info for future purchases, just like Amazon does. How can this be accomplished?

The shopping cart we are intending to use is NOPCommerce. If this one doesn't work for this purpose, which one should we use?


Re: Save Billing Info


One way of approach is to use our Payeezy.JS integration method to tokenize your customers' credit cards and then save the tokens on your end for use in future purchases. Remember that payeezy will not store your customer details but rather only the lookup of PAN using tokens. So, creating a customer login and customer profile is something you will need to do on your end. What Payeezy.JS affords for you is it reduces the risk of storing actual PAN numbers on your end and thereby reduces the PCI scope.

I am not aware of the features in NOPCommerce, you will need to consult with your developer for that.


Payeezy team