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Simplest way to capture a single field from customer?


I am trying to create a payment option for a customer's website. All they need to capture is a single field from the payer (Customer ID, which the customer will key in when making a payment) in order to know who to apply the payment to internally and nothing else. I am trying to find the most fuss-free way to achieve this.

I was told by your phone support that I can just add a field to the Payment Page, like Refrence/Order #, rename it to what I need it to be and just place the Pay Now button on the website. This doesn't seem to work because from what I understand via the docs, those custom fields are read-only, and can only display data that is passed to the Payeezy form from the merchant website, with no option for editing the contents any more. I also tried using the Address field for this, but that doesn't seem to be displayed anywhere on the transaction details once it goes through, so it's of no use.

So my question is this: is there a way to include a visible custom field into the form we're submitting (the Pay Now button is a form itself), and if so what is the correct way to do that so the value of it is visible to us in the transaction details. Or is it absolutely necessary to save this info locally and then redirect the customer to Payeezy after that?

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Re: Simplest way to capture a single field from customer?

This forum is technically for inquiries about the Payeezy Developer APIs. However, We recommend working with a developer to implement custom code as passing additional parameters (patient name, invoice #, donation description etc.) to a Payeezy Gateway hosted payment page requires custom code. The basic pay now HTML button is not able to handle this functionality. There are three reference fields that you can code within the form that is submitted from your website.

More information about how the field is mapped to the Payeezy Gateway reference number fields is at the URL below.


The above fields can be added to the form on your website and the Payeezy Gateway will record the values submitted from your website if the above fields are coded within the HTML form.
The User Defined Fields in the ‘customize form’ section of the payment page settings correspond to x_user1 (User Defined 1), x_user2 (User Defined 2), and x_user3 (User Defined 3) values accordingly from the HCO Integration guide. These fields, including the x_ref_num (Reference/Order #), are display only fields on your Payment Page. This means that it will display data submitted to the order page but you will not be able to edit/type into the box.

In order for this data to be collected from your customer and displayed on your Payment Page, the form on your website that connects to your Payment Page, must collect and send the information to your Payment Page.

To set up a Payeezy Gateway demo account for testing: