Site Search
Based on the feedback we received from you, our developer community, we have added search functionality to our website. You can find the search bar in the Support tab or navigate directly to https://developer.payeezy.com/search/site/.

We have a wealth of information in our FAQs and Forums which were largely untapped in the past. We hope you will now leverage the search feature and find answers sooner. Do check it out and let us know your feedback.

Testing with your own demo account (Upcoming)
As of today, we allow you to link your developer accounts to production gateway accounts (a.k.a. merchant accounts) but not demo gateway accounts. For testing, we ask that you use the default demo gateway account (Acme Sock) that is available under the Merchants tab. Acme Sock is a demo gateway account owned by First Data and shared by all of you.

The challenge with having a shared demo account is that we could not give all of you access to the gateway UI to view your historic transactions and do other testing. Many of you pointed this out and we listened. We have developed and are now testing a feature by which you will be able to link your developer accounts to your own demo gateway accounts. This will enable you to do the following -

  • View transactions in the gateway UI after you execute an API call.
  • Query historic sandbox transactions.
  • Set up AVS filters in your gateway account.
  • Set up CVV filters in your gateway account.
  • Create virtual gift cards for testing.
  • Test drive our Virtual POS system, etc.

Go-live on a self-serve basis (Upcoming)
Some context first – before you, as a developer, can use your APIs to process live transactions, your APIs need to be linked with a valid production merchant accounts (a.k.a. gateway accounts) in our database backend. Today, this link is established by us manually when you email us (PayeezyBoarding@firstdata.com) the details.

We admit that this is a sub-optimal process and we believe that you should be able to process live transactions as soon as you are ready. So, we decided to make the process of go-live self-service. We are now testing a new feature by which, as a developer account holder, you will be able to link to a production merchant account by just providing the merchant account details via a form that we will provide online. And what’s more, once you submit the details, you will immediately be able to start sending us live transactions.

Stay tuned to our Blog section and News forum for more updates on the new features we are developing. If you have feature requests, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below or add it to the Feature Requests forum.