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When trying to release a pre-authorization transaction that is 20 days old we get a bank response "307 - Authorization Not Found".

While implementing the project we asked First Data the max window in which a pre-authorization transaction would be held and we were told 25 days. Our systems team settled on a 20 day window to release any transactions that haven't been completed.

This is only the second transaction that has hit to 20 day limit in the 2 months since implementation but we are concerned that we aren't able to verify that the funds were actually released.

I found this discussion that talks a bit about not know the exact window for each bank.

Is there a way we can be certain that the held pre-authorization is being released for our customers?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: Tagged Pre-Authorization Void

Authorizations expire in typically 7-10 days depending on the card type. In some instances a special processing request can be done by customer service but we recommend to just initiate a new authorization.


Travel & Entertainment (T&E) and Non Travel & Entertainment (T&E) - The authorization doesn't expire. However, the merchant could be subject to chargebacks for late presentment 7 days for electronic transactions and 30 days for manual transactions (includes ecommerce), as well as be liable for misuse fees.


Travel & Entertainment (T&E): Authorizations are valid for 20 days.
All other cards: Authorizations are valid for 10 days.

Discover/JCB/Diners Club Cards:

Travel & Entertainment (T&E): Authorizations are good for 30 days.
All other cards: Authorizations are good for 10 days from the date issued - must be posted within 10 days.

Exception: Authorization responses for card sales in the car rental, airline and passenger rail, and lodging industries, and other passenger transport categories will remain valid for 30 days.

American Express:

Travel & Entertainment (T&E): Authorizations are valid for 30 days.
All other cards: Authorizations are valid for 7 days.

PayPal preauthorizations will expire in 29 days if they are not completed.