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Test integration using demo merchant account.

How to integrate developer account with demo merchant account? Then test the integration using payeezy.js?

I have linked my developer account with the demo merchant account. But in the dashboard of my delevoper account, the merchant's name is "Not Applicable". If I use the generated js-token (from developer account) and ta_token (from demo merchant), payeezy.js give me an "invalid.tatoken" response. I tried to re-add the demo merchant account and change the TA token but it has no effect.

My problem is exactly the same as the one in this thread, https://developer.payeezy.com/content/test-merchant-account-invalid-ta-token

I have also contacted payeezyboarding@firstdata.com but until now no one has responded to me.

I hope someone knows the answer to my problem so I can complete this testing process or at least inform my clients of the obstacles we face.

Thank you.

Re: Test integration using demo merchant account.

I have the same issue.
It was working at first (a few days ago) but then stopped after about a day of testing.

I managed to get a reply back from support but the answer was unhelpful and they haven't replied back since.

Here's the response I got:
"Thank you for contacting technical support.
The Transarmor Token should be NOIW. It should also be added to your terminal within your Demo Payeezy Gateway account."

NOIW is the ta token for the default account (which works btw, you just can't see the gateway interface which is really kind of required if you want to see everything) but in the documentation I see that the demo merchants should have their ta token set to "123" and in other blog posts from Payeezy it says it should be "1234". Documentation on this is kind of spotty.
I've tried all three of these and they don't work. This may be a problem on their end.

It would be helpful to know if this is problem they're aware of and are working to fix.

Re: Test integration using demo merchant account.

Please email payeezyboarding@firstdata.com along with the demo gateway account business name so the credentials can be synchronized properly with the Transarmor test databases.

Re: Test integration using demo merchant account.


I need to create a demo payment gateway which can process payments from credit cards. I have already created Developer account and a demo merchant account on - https://demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com/ and the account is setup.

Now i have the card details with me and i want to process the payment from that card on my end using payeezy gateway. How should i proceed further from here.
i am new to Payment Gateway Integration.
Please can anyone help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Test integration using demo merchant account.

It appears we already replied to your email inquiry Himanshu.

With a payment page integration in the payment page settings in section
4. Receipt page you set the AUTO-POST or AUTO-GET URL which is where we direct
our response. You can also implement
relay response and allow for an HTTP redirect to your URL or set meta tags in
your code to direct the customer to a specific URL.

With an API integration you’re simply sending the request payload with XML/SOAP or JSON properties to our endpoint URL and then we send the response POST back to the same server where the request originated. Payeezy Developer is only for ecommerce/Applepay/Androidpay integrations and does not interface with hosted payment pages in any manner.

Thank you,

Chris Lord
Senior Contact Center Tech Specialist
Internet Solutions

Payeezy Developer (https://developer.payeezy.com) (855) 799-0790

Payeezy Gateway (https://globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com) (855) 448-3493