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Is there a URL (GET method) which can be generated for Payment Pages?


I want to know if there is a SIMPLE (GET method) URL which can be generated for Payment Pages (just like Paypal) instead of having to generate all that code on the "Donate Button" tab. I don't want to use the POST method form provided there. I just want a simple (GET method) URL link for my Payment Page.

I have this URL which I somehow managed to manually conjure up:
http://checkout.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com/payment?x_login=[PAYMENT PAGE ID GOES HERE]

When I populate my Payment Page ID where it goes, it shows me the Page TITLE and LOGO with the following TEXT:

"Unable to proceed with payment
We cannot proceed with payment because of technical difficulties."

Obviously I'm missing something.
Is there anything (string parameter) I could add there for the Payment Page to start functioning properly?
Maybe there's another URL to use with my Payment Page ID?
I've searched everywhere and couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Is there a URL (GET method) which can be generated for...

Payment pages only support POST requests.