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Transaction history


Using tokenize payment api i do some payments with purchase transaction type. Get response as success and transaction tag and id... But when i checked in search event or Partner Reporting API for transaction list i am getting below response

"fields": null,
"metrics": null,
"offset": 0,
"rows": null,
"dimensions": null,
"search_terms": {
"txn_type_indicator": "S",
"merchant_id": "3176752955"
"total_element_number": 0,
"start_date": "20170701",
"end_date": "20170730",
"limits": 10,
"sort_by": null,
"transactions": [],
"column_headers": null

Re: Transaction history

The partner reporting API is not supported in Sandbox. You can't search by transaction_id or transaction_tag with either of those APIs. Keep in mind the default Acme Sock sandbox merchant has thousands of transactions that process daily. I would recommend setting up your own sandbox merchant to test the event search API.
To set up a Payeezy Gateway demo account for testing:

You can add an existing demo gateway merchant through the Payeezy Developer web portal. You'll select the merchants tab and then the ‘demo’ button. Select the ‘add a demo merchant’ option and on the next page select the option to add an existing merchant account. Complete the form with the appropriate values from the Payeezy Gateway demo terminal settings and once it's submitted, the demo merchant should be added generating the merchant token.

Re: Transaction history

As you suggested i added merchant account and replaced my ta_token to Transarmor and js key... now i am getting invalid ta_token

Re: Transaction history

First please set the token to 'NOIW' and then email payeezyboarding@firstdata.com and provide the gateway demo account Login ID or the name that's reflected on the gateway demo homepage. The Transarmor Token details will need to be resynchronized with the CERT environment.