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Trigger a sandbox merchant webhook from demo gateway transaction

I’m trying to trigger my sandbox merchant webhook from payment transaction through the demo gateway HCO.

I've set the Merchant Webhook URL in the sandbox merchant details for both the ACME Sock demo merchant and another demo gateway merchant I added (using the MID and HMAC key from my demo Payeezy gateway account).

I use a HCO payment page in my web application and submit the resulting details using testing CC numbers (from https://support.payeezy.com/hc/en-us/articles/204504235-Using-Test-Credit-Card-Numbers).

The transaction seems like it goes through and an email shows up in both my test customer inbox and in my demo gateway account email.

However, I see no activity on my server listening for the Payeezy webhook POST.

Re: Trigger a sandbox merchant webhook from demo gateway...

The Payeezy Developer API webhook does not interface with the Payeezy Gateway payment pages. You can configure a relay response in section 4. Receipt Page of the demo gateway payment page settings.

Additionally, please ensure that GET and POST methods are enabled for the URL in the payment page settings and allow access for the IP addresses below.