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using a single CSR/Cert for multiple Mids when under the same "Agent"

we have an existing app, and are currently doing some Proof of Concept work with apple pay and Payeezy. From other posts, it seems that each merchant has to download an individual CSR, and generate a cert based on that, and hard code merchant specific information and that cert into the app, for each merchant.

This of course causes a scaling/onboarding issue, as you can't get a new merchant live until a new version of the app has been published to the app store.

our company has our own ISO, that works with First Data, we have a single System and Prin account, and all the merchant accounts we want to use are under one Agent account. We currently have hundreds, and onboard new ones every day.

Is it possible to get the CSR, and CERT based on our AGENT account and use it against multiple MIDs or do we have to have one for each and individual MID?

Re: using a single CSR/Cert for multiple Mids when under the...

Hi pushpaydevelope,

I will get back to you on this. 

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Nilesh Dafe