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Validating card details while creating tokens

I am using Tokenize Credit Cards with type FDToken, but was expecting that the process would return an error when wrong card types are entered, but it does not seem to validate that. So basically if I pass American Express as card_type for card_number 41111111111111111, it returns a success, should not it throw an error. I am using this in my sandbox account.

Re: Validating card details while creating tokens

Hi Sanjoy,

The Payeezy system is smart enough to override the Card Type field when a Primary Account Number is passed. Basically, if the Card Number passed matches any known BIN range, the system will ignore the Card Type field. However, when the Card Number passed does not match a known BIN Range, such as a Token number, the system then uses the Card Type. If you pass a Token with the incorrect Card Type, the system will throw an error for Invalid Card Number.

Hope this helps.


Payeezy team