From the day we launched Payeezy, we have been ultra-focused on Mobile. Apple Pay, iOS and now the new Android SDK. Two weeks ago we launched our Android SDK to enable you to build apps and accept payments on Android devices. For years, First Data has been supporting payment acceptance in stores and online, but we also envisioned a growing consumer base that would one day buy on mobile devices.

Long gone are those days where a view prevailed that apps on mobile devices were only games and maps. In fact, the Forrester  Research report on US Mobile and Tablet Commerce (2014 edition) claims that Mobile commerce will reach $293B by 2018 and attributes this growth to 200M smart phone users and nearly 100M tablet users. We know that your goal is to build real ecommerce apps with compelling experiences that would call the consumers to take action, pay with  ease, and leave with the fun of mobile shopping.

We are committed to providing you with all of the tools required to help you achieve your goal of building mobile payments apps. Restful APIs, libraries, SDKs, sample code, dedicated support and ease of integration is what we serve here.

Come download our SDKs here , build your app and drop us a line back with your growth story…..