The launch of a new iPhone is always noteworthy; perhaps this was even more evident just a few weeks ago with the launch of the iPhone 6, which includes a whole new experience in customer payment choices. Never before has the timing been so right to bring together everyone in the payments ecosystem and open a world of possibilities.    

It’s an exciting time for consumers because convenient payment options are now built right into the iPhone 6. Unlike previous attempts to introduce mobile payments/wallets, Apple’s user-centric approach to solving this problem includes participants from all over the ecosystem:  card associations, banks, payments processors, mobile carriers, and more.  What does this mean for the consumer?

Ubiquity—and the expectation that merchants everywhere should start accepting mobile payments.

It’s also an exciting time for developers, as Payeezy provides all the tools necessary to successfully incorporate payments in an app, set up a merchant account on behalf of your client, and swiftly get paid. It offers everything you would expect relative to APIs that enable mobile or online payments, all from a single place.  Also, you can explore our site anonymously and test some of the code samples.

Then, once you create an account with us, you’ll receive a unique API key that allows you to generate transactions against a test account on your My Merchants tab.  Fully register and certify your solution, and you’ll be able to begin bringing merchants on board and start generating money immediately. 

Payeezy is simply the best choice for clients, too. Whether it’s their first online dollar or they are looking to swiftly scale, Payeezy can accomplish that and more. Payeezy offers safe, secure transactions protected with the latest technologies, straightforward pricing, and real people to provide support when needed. And when Apple Pay is ready to expand outside of the U.S., rest assured we will leverage our existing global footprint to ensure you and your clients a trusted partner to securely facilitate those capabilities.

In addition, we’ll be updating the Payeezy blog several times per month with the latest updates in payment industry news, covering a wealth of topics including developer APIs, advances in payment technologies, security updates, tips, tricks, hacks, and much, much more.

When it comes to a go-to source for payment technology news updates, this is it —a place where developers, industry wonks, and security experts can come together to discuss the payment industry news of the day, learn about the latest breakthroughs, and share and exchange ideas about online and mobile payment technologies.

We’re so glad you’re here, and we will do everything in our power to keep Payeezy simple, relevant and most of all, the only URL you’ll ever need to keep your business (and theirs) growing strong.