Our Payeezy story has recently been broadened beyond the APIs you've been utilizing on our developer portal site to include a broad suite of capabilities ... one of which is our Payeezy Gateway.  

As you would expect with any API approach, we are working towards exposing the depth and breadth of our assets, services, and processes to unlock additional business value ... all aimed at helping you grow your business. One of the early capabilities we exposed is our Global Gateway e4 solution (GGe4), and it has a new name with a new face ... the Payeezy Gateway.  

Of the many benefits that comes with the Gateway is a rich knowledgebase with a variety of U.S. based eCommerce/Card Not Present topics we don't necessarily dig into on this developer portal.  Things like merchant controlled Fraud Filters & Velocity Controls, Hosted Payment Pages, and much more.  

And in addition to the REST APIs and corresponding SDKs/Libraries found on our developer portal, the Payeezy eCommerce Solution provides other options to assist you in delivering easy, scalable and secure online and mobile payments!

  • SOAP APIs – whether you prefer SOAP, or have valid business reasons to use the older APIs, you still have access to all of the Gateway API materials you’ve come to love over the years
  • Hosted Payments Page - of course, you can always check out the Payeezy Gateway hosted payments page instructions if you are looking for a quick implementation

So if you can't find what you are looking for on our site, try the site!

And beyond this first gateway integration, there's much more to come throughout 2015!  Stay tuned, and be sure to check back frequently for the latest!