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What are the requirements for the endpoint to enable hosted checkout (HCO) payment page with relay response?

I am trying to enable Relay Response on my demo gateway Payment Page (demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com).

I have checked the appropriate box on the payment page settings - receipt page tab and added a URL to a server that I control. I intend the server to respond to the relay request while updating the transactions database with the new transaction information.

When I entered the relay response URL, the input was marked with a notification:

This URL requires security review by E4 support staff. This process typically takes 1 business day however check back periodically to watch for the approval. Until approved, the Relay Response function cannot be performed for this payment page. Note: you can still save any changes made to this payment page.

I have not been able to get relay responses working since adding a server URL, and I have a couple of questions regarding the feature and its implementation.

  1. What are the requirements for the relay response endpoint to successfully pass the security review?
  2. Is there any way to use an e.g., proxy or development server to handle relay requests from the demo gateway during development?
  3. Does the POST to the relay response URL include the CC token if the merchant is enabled to use Transarmor tokens?
  4. I am using a sandbox merchant for testing against my demo gateway account - how can I enable Transarmor tokens on the sandbox merchant?

Re: What are the requirements for the endpoint to enable...

Please email support.payeezy@firstdata.com with the demo account name reflected on the home page. Additionally, please ensure that GET and POST methods are enabled for the URL in the payment page settings and whitelist the IP addresses below if necessary.