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what is the difference between firstdata , payeezy, FirstData_Connect, FirstData_Webservice,FirstData_Payeezy


i was searching for first data gateway api and i am stuck with the lots of names.

what is the difference between.


where i can find the actual first data api docs. and support.

are those all separate gateways. if yes. then do i have to integrate different api for all of them.
can anyone give me the api docs. link for all of them.


Re: what is the difference between firstdata , payeezy,...

First Data has two Gateways:

There is the legacy Global Gateway (aka Linkpoint/Yourpay) which supports a hosted method called 'Connect 2.0' and a legacy API (using a store number and PEM for authenticating) and Webservice API (using auth credentials and pem/key files for servers). That gateway is in an end of life status and does not support nearly as many functions as Payeezy which is the go forward solution. You should not integrate with anything relating to the legacy gateway.

Payeezy was also previously branded as 'Global Gateway e4' which obviously caused confusion. First Data cannot guide you on any extensions or plugins to use as they are not developed by First Data but rather third party teams for those platforms/shopping carts.

Payeezy has a Webservice API which uses the endpoint api.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com and credentials from the gateway portal (https://globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com) **NOTE - these are PROD URLs

The Payeezy Developer APIs interface with the Payeezy Gateway internally. The main difference is Payeezy Webservice supports SOAP/XML and REST/JSON along with Visa Checkout/Masterpass more recently.

Payeezy Developer is REST/JSON only and strictly ecommerce but supports Applepay, Androidpay and soon to come Google Pay.

Re: what is the difference between firstdata , payeezy,...


so first data and payeezy are two different gateways?

you means first data support is no more and i should integrate payeezy.

can you please help me where i can make test merchant and where i can find the payeezy docs.

actually i am working on a multigatewy opensource library for java.
here is the link. https://github.com/tranxactive/J2PAY/

please if you could give me the api docs and where to create test account for api testing.


Re: what is the difference between firstdata , payeezy,...

Direct/Developer APIs - REST/JSON only (supports Applepay, Androidpay)
Transaction types

Code Samples

Hosted Payment Pages

Webservice API (documentation and several code samples) – Supports XML/SOAP and REST/JSON
php SOAP sample
C# sample
Perl sample
HMAC hash for use with version 12+

To set up a Payeezy Gateway demo account for testing:

Re: what is the difference between firstdata , payeezy,...

We have implemented the web services API to process payments for our clients through their own Payeezy merchant account. This means we currently store the exactID/gatewayID and password and send them to https://globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com. We are switching to use the new REST APIs (https://api.payeezy.com/v1), however I'm not clear on how to handle obtaining apikey, apiSecret, merchantToken and jsSecurityKey - will we need to have the clients generate these within their individual accounts and provide those to us?

Is it possible to continue using the web services API at the same time as the RESTful API?

Re: what is the difference between firstdata , payeezy,...

You can continue to use the Webservice API along with the developer APIs.

To add an existing live/production merchant accounts please email Payeezyboarding@firstdata.com and include the merchant ID, doing business as name, and confirm the email address registered on developer.payeezy.com. Our boarding team will need to complete the process manually within 24-48 business hours. This will generate the merchant token and JS Security key credentials. If you need the apiKey and apiSecret it is located under the APIs tab when you create an API.

Re: what is the difference between firstdata , payeezy,...

First Data is the company and Payeezy Gateway is a First Data product/service. The Github sample you referenced is not ours and outlines that it supports authorize.net and 'NMI' which are totally different payment gateways. We can in no way recommend you attempt to integrate with sample code outside of our samples.