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Where is the c# CardConnectRestClient found?

I am trying to get CardPointe APIs working (apologies, there is no forum for that specifically). Within the API reference code samples, this line of code is mentioned all over the place:

CardConnectRestClient client = new CardConnectRestClient(ENDPOINT, USERNAME, PASSWORD);

Clearly, that is a custom class built by the CardConnect developers that assists in making the API call. AMAZINGLY the "CardConnectRestClient" is not available anywhere. There is no source code for it, no DLL to download. I have googled the web, searched the API area, the docs area, etc. I guess somebody "forgot" to list where in the world this mystical class can be found or a DLL downloaded. I have spent a full hour searching for this class.

I have called First Data tech support and listened to hold music for 1 hour, then finally gave up.

Does anyone know where the source is for that class, or at least the DLL? Thanks in advance.

Re: Where is the c# CardConnectRestClient found?

We cannot assist with CardConnect documentation and code samples. I'd recommend using the 'send feedback' option located in their docs.