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We are currently using a XML write for .net to post transactions to Payeezy as provided by a previous developer, and it works fine.
However, the address verification, AVS isn't triggering.
My question is what (specifically) should I include to trigger address verification on sale transactions?
(I could not find the appropriate fields online)

(My existing code is below)

Dim string_builder As New StringBuilder()
Using string_writer As New StringWriter(string_builder)
Using xml_writer As New XmlTextWriter(string_writer)
xml_writer.Formatting = System.Xml.Formatting.Indented
xml_writer.WriteElementString("ExactID", "**********")
xml_writer.WriteElementString("Password", "*************************************")
xml_writer.WriteElementString("Transaction_Type", "00") ' sale
xml_writer.WriteElementString("DollarAmount", Amount.ToString)
xml_writer.WriteElementString("Client_IP", Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"))
xml_writer.WriteElementString("Client_Email", ClientEmail.ToString)
xml_writer.WriteElementString("Expiry_Date", CCExpr.ToString)
xml_writer.WriteElementString("CardHoldersName", CardHolderName.ToString)
xml_writer.WriteElementString("Card_Number", CCNumber.ToString)
xml_writer.WriteElementString("CVDCode", cvdcode.ToString)
xml_writer.WriteElementString("ZipCode", Zip.ToString)

' code here for Address verification

xml_writer.WriteElementString("Reference_3", "Description of Sale")
End Using
End Using

Thank you in advance..

Re: XML for API

This forum is for addressing issues with the Payeezy Developer APIs. The reason an AVS response isn't being returned is because you aren't submitting an address in the request. For further assistance provide the XML payload and the URL you are submitting the request to and email payeezy.gateway.support@firstdata.com

Request properties for Webservice API