Absolutely!  Coding for Split Shipment is easy.  The authorization request is identical to any other authorization request that is used in instances that payment is not being requested upon authorization. 

Here how it works:  A merchant sends an authorization request for the total amount of the purchase.  Then, upon shipment of one or more items, the merchant sends a follow-up transaction to request payment for the amount of the shipped items.  The merchant will continue to send follow-up transactions until all items have been shipped.    For example,

  1. An originating authorization request (for example transaction XYZ for total amount)
  2. Request for payment for shipped item(s)  - transaction XYZ, amount, item 01 of 05 shipped (use 01 of 99 if total number is unknown)
  3. Repeat step two for each item shipped until final – transaction XYZ, amount, item 05 of 05 shipped (classifying it as 05/05 will let us know that this will close things out)

If the authorization has expired prior to the final shipment(s), then the merchant is instructed to send a re-authorization for the amount that has yet to ship. There is a response advice code as well in case anything changes with the card that was used as part of the original authorization.

Make sense?  Of course you can dig into the details and test out some scenarios in our Docs & Sandbox area.