A CSR or a public key is required only if you are planning on processing payments through any of the mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.). If that is you, and you have already created a Payeezy account to test in our sandbox (yes, this is required to do this task), follow these simple steps:

On the Payeezy Developer Portal
1 – From wherever you are on the portal, select the ‘CERTS’ option in the top right.
2 – Here you can create your certificates for both sandbox and production environments. Creating a certificate is easy, just select the type of certificate you need, enter your app label and click "Add".
3 – Once you have created the certificate, go ahead and download it

For Apple Pay certificates
4 – Navigate to the Creating Certificates section of Apple's developer portal
5 – Follow the instructions on Apple's portal to upload the certificate from step 3.  After successful upload, you will be able to transact with Payeezy.  Refer to our SDK guide to integrate your app.