Partner Reporting API

Use our powerful query engine to retrieve payment records. Supports complex filtering, sorting, pagination and more. This is exclusively for Third Party Partners and applicable for a live environment only. /transactions

  • Name
  • apikey
    This is used to identify the app.
  • token
    This is used to identify the merchant
  • Content-type
    content type the payload requires
  • Authorization
    HMAC of payload signed using api secret
  • Name
  • start_date
    start_date: format is yyyyMMdd
  • end_date
    end_date: format is yyyyMMdd
  • offset
    Offset:page number (default:0)
  • limit
    Number of transactions per page (default:10)
  • metrics
    A list of comma-separated metrics, they will be used by Sum().
  • sort
    A list of comma-separated metrics indicating the sorting order and sorting direction for the returned data. (-), if metrics are enabled, then only fields included in the metrics or dimension input can be sorted
  • fields
    A list of fields returned by query. This element is used for partial response. By default, all transaction fields will be returned.
  • dimension
    A list of fields used for group by functions. When groupBy is enabled, we will request at least one metrics element as an input. Users can request upto 7 groupBY fields in one query
  • searchFor
    Ability to fetch a number of transactions for all merchants belonging to a specific developer. By default searchFor=merchant fetching results for specific merchant. e.g. searchFor=developer
  • auth_amount
    Allows you to limit the search results obtained based on particular values for specific field The auth_amount is an example of such values that can be used for Filtration. E.g auth_amount=425

Basic Auth

OAuth 2

Custom Token


Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Resource Summary

Category Reporting
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Sample Error Messages & Error Codes.

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Expiry Date: Any future date.
Cvv: Any 3 digit number for Visa, Mastercard & Discover and 4 digit number for American Express
Type Card Number
Visa 4012 0000 3333 0026
4005 5192 0000 0004
MasterCard 5424 1802 7979 1732
5526 3990 0064 8568
5405 0101 0000 0016
American Express 3739 5319 2351 004
3411 1159 7241 002
Discover 6510 0000 0000 1248